All brands maintenance and repairers network


Eurorepar Car Service, with more than 2000 multi brand repairers around the world he is a dedicated network of independant professionals working on maintaining and repairing all brands of vehicles.

With Eurorepar Car Service, customers may find offers for all the usual after sales services : oil, tyres, revision, air conditionning, filters.... at a competitive price offer with the confidence of leaving their vehicle to a profesional they may trust for his competency and dedication.

Joining Eurorepar Car Service is for repairers the opportunity to buy parts from all brands at competitive prices, be delivered several times a day, use our technical service assistance, benefit from our marketing and promotional campaigns.....

Eurorepar Car Service network is opened to new members. If you are a multi brand repairer and would like to know more about the license, please contact your nearest Distrigo hub and one of our business developper will be pleased to inform you in full details.